“Earlier it was simply unimaginable that physiotherapy can be started with so much prospect.” - interview with Luca Rostás

The innovations at LimesVet can only achieve their goal together with appropriate rehabilitation, so we closely cooperate with physiotherapy experts as well. Luca Rostás,...

Where You Could Hear from Us: Lectures on 3D Technology

The application of 3D technologies in veterinary practice is still considered novel, which is why it is important for us to participate in its popularization.

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The Revolution of Surgical Guides: 3 Case Studies Worth Reading

The application of 3D-printed surgical guides in veterinary medicine has brought about a pioneering change: here we present 3 very illustrative examples.

Neurological problems and innovations in their treatment - Interview with Dr László Lehner, DVM (Part 1)

If you experience sudden muscle twitches or movement problems in your cat or dog, it can immediately scare you. Fortunately, however, small animal neurology is continuously...

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The TROCA 55 trochlear cap system - Customised trochlear cap by LimesVet

One of the most frequent orthopaedic deformation in small dogs is the dislocation of the patella. Patellar luxation is often a congenital, inherited disorder but it can also be...

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Integrating LimesVet services into veterinarian praxis

Today it is obvious that the appearance of 3D technology in the field of medicine opens new horizons for medical professionals in treating diseases. Currently we are just...

The process of 3D printing and its role at LimesVet

3D printing has an almost 40-year-long history of continuous development. Since its start, more and more printing technologies and materials have been emerging. We can create...

The process and opportunities of anatomical visualisation

Visualisation is actually as old as mankind. Even in prehistoric times people depicted animals in cave paintings, supposedly, to project a successful hunting. This form of art...

Virág’s background story

Virág is a Yorkshire terrier who spent her days at a shelter (hosted by Állat és Ember Állatvédő Egyesület \[“Animal and Human” Animal Protection Association]). She...