Advanced Veterinary Visualization.



Polygon-, NURBS-, and parametric-based digital veterinary modelling

Anatomical visualization

Medical conceptualization based on CT and MRI scanning data


Surface scanning for the better reconstruction of the selected body regions

Surgical aids

Creating individually designed surgical guides

Internal stabilization

Producing custom-made veterinary implants


Additive manufacturing based on different technologies (e.g., FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS)

About us.

The aim of the LimesVet Ltd. is to implement the most advanced technologies in the current veterinary practice and take a novel level in both digital and physical visualization. These include professional data visualization (e.g., based on medical diagnostic imaging, like computed tomography /CT/ or magnetic resonance imaging /MRI), 3D-modelling, surface scanning and bioengineering. In addition, we are also experienced in using various 3D-printing technologies (according to the imaging- or surgical needs). We are proud that we can work together with those professionals (including veterinarian, physiotherapist, engineers) who are proven to work with high quality standards in their fields.

Selected Projects.

Tibial deformation (presurgical visualization)

Tibial deformation

presurgical visualization
Custom-made skull implant (to replace a tumor)

Custom-made skull implant

to replace a tumor
Surface scanning (for designing a limb support)

Surface scanning

for designing a limb support

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