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Integrating LimesVet services into veterinarian praxis

Today it is obvious that the appearance of 3D technology in the field of medicine opens new horizons for medical professionals in treating diseases. Currently we are just getting to know the advantages of this technology. However, thanks to the rapid development in this field, the question arises as to how to integrate all these achievements into the daily healing practice.

The process of 3D printing and its role at LimesVet

3D printing has an almost 40-year-long history of continuous development. Since its start, more and more printing technologies and materials have been emerging. We can create prints from hard filament, liquid resin and plastic or metal powder.

The process and opportunities of anatomical visualisation

Visualisation is actually as old as mankind. Even in prehistoric times people depicted animals in cave paintings, supposedly, to project a successful hunting. This form of art evolved approximately 30 thousand years before writing, so it can also explain why numerous people say that they are visual.