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Neurological problems and innovations in their treatment - Interview with Dr László Lehner, DVM (Part 1)

If you experience sudden muscle twitches or movement problems in your cat or dog, it can immediately scare you. Fortunately, however, small animal neurology is continuously developing which is greatly supported by our developments as well.  In this episode of our interview series we are talking to Dr László Lehner, a veterinarian specialised in small animal neurology, who carries out numerous operations regarded as unique in Hungary, e.g. removing...

Product recommendation
The TROCA 55 trochlear cap system - Customised trochlear cap by LimesVet

One of the most frequent orthopaedic deformation in small dogs is the dislocation of the patella. Patellar luxation is often a congenital, inherited disorder but it can also be caused by a trauma or an accident. With the help of 3D design and printing, we have created an implant which is considered exceptional worldwide. It is uniquely designed and manufactured for the femur of the given animal. We deliver this product together with anatomical models...

Product recommendation
Integrating LimesVet services into veterinarian praxis

Today it is obvious that the appearance of 3D technology in the field of medicine opens new horizons for medical professionals in treating diseases. Currently we are just getting to know the advantages of this technology. However, thanks to the rapid development in this field, the question arises as to how to integrate all these achievements into the daily healing practice.