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3D Printed vs. Traditional Implants

What are the main differences between modern, 3D-printed implants (3DI) and traditional, standard implants (CI)? Let’s go through them!

“Earlier it was simply unimaginable that physiotherapy can be started with so much prospect.” - interview with Luca Rostás

The innovations at LimesVet can only achieve their goal together with appropriate rehabilitation, so we closely cooperate with physiotherapy experts as well. Luca Rostás, small animal physiotherapist and the CEO of Ebfizio, has helped many of our patients recover. It is also characteristic of her field that many innovations are transferred from human medicine to the treatment of small animals. According to her, the main direction is a non-coercive,...

Where You Could Hear from Us: Lectures on 3D Technology

The application of 3D technologies in veterinary practice is still considered novel, which is why it is important for us to participate in its popularization.