Dr. Daniel Bendzsel, DVM

He obtained a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine in 2006, after which he gained experience in the USA in a daycare and a traumatology veterinary hospital. After returning home, he first worked as a vet in Budakeszi. Then, with his colleague he founded Hungarovet Animal Hospital. He was the owner and professional manager of this institution until 2020. Then, he became the co-founder and co-owner of FuzioVet Animal Hospital, where he has a comprehensive otology practice (involving diagnostics, hearing tests, endoscopic and surgical care). In 2018, he obtained a second degree in veterinary medicine as a veterinary manager. In recent years, he has been a participant and occasional speaker at numerous Hungarian and foreign conferences (NAVC, SEVC, WCVD, EERVC), at chamber and university trainings. He has been the managing director of LimesVet Ltd. responsible for professional relations since the foundation of the company.