Anatomical visualization

When we work with vets, our first task is to create 3D models from the CT or MRI images. Our aim is to depict the problematic area as detailed and accurate as we can so that professionals receive as much information as possible. By rotating and enlarging, the elaborate digital model can show fine details hard to spot or even invisible to the bare eye, so diagnosis becomes much more precise. Based on vets’ judgement, we can also 3D print the digital anatomical models at the requested size. These physical models may also serve practical or educational purposes. Another advantage of visualisation is that our digital and physical models make surgical planning more efficient and it is a great help for pet owners to understand the necessary operation. During the visualisation process we use various software which make it possible for us to create several forms of depiction: from models with a simple structure through the lifelike, textured surfaces to bone density analysis.