Laszlo Talosi

He earned a degree in economics at Széchenyi István University and a degree in research and innovation economics at Corvinus University in Budapest. He started his career in the field of sales, where he reached the position of sales manager. From there, he moved to banking, where he was mostly involved in corporate leasing finance matters. In the past ten years he has been doing two activities at the same time. With the founding of ProSolvent Ltd., he participated as a consultant in the development of various size enterprises and their innovation projects. Besides, for three years during this period he held the position of controlling manager at a Hungarian owned, component manufacturing company with a turnover of HUF 2 billion. Since 2020, as the co-owner of Limes 3D Innohub Ltd., he has been responsible for the economic matters and innovation activities of the company. From November 2021 he has been the co-owner and managing director of LimesVet Ltd.